Capture The Essence (single)

by Hazey

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(Verse One)
I seek the path of the Tao or the Buddha with laughter
in the mountains sipping chai tea with tai chi masters
as I polish my craft I learn through hindsight after,
I turn a page in life and I start a new chapter
try and capture the essence I feel, in my heart
good and evil need the light to escape from the dark
motivation to succeed and create is the spark
that gets me started but the hardest part's translating it to art,
I walk, the unpaved road steps adjacent,
to those I never met that seek the same destination,
the problems we face are so old they next to ancient
so I take a deep breath guess the stress tests my patience
far from famous, I keep a low pro
move in slow mo through my ups and downs like a yoyo
as time flows my mind grows I notice what's important
now my life consists of righteousness a feeling that was dormant

so long to the stress always try to rise above
just to get it off my chest so I can do the things I love

(Verse Two)
often tree'd never stumped got the strength I'm well rooted
branching out til I leave and my life is concluded
if I'm gonna do it period that's it no excuses,
the first hand experience in life is my blueprint
and I use it mold my skill to bring the heat til it's scalding hot
try it til I get it just right like Goldilocks,
even if I'm coming off the top like a balding spot
my rhymes paint pictures for the kids I got a Caldecott
never call the cops, they be the foulest kind
always point the 5-0 off track like a salad grind
get ya hands dirty put in effort, I callused mine
cuz I hold my fate in my hands and try to balance time
it's why, I always took down my foes
see me hold my head high but never look down my nose
I suppose though I don't go and ask a lot of questions
try to learn from mistakes and I always count my blessings

so long to the stress always try to rise above
just to get it off my chest so I can do the things I love


released November 20, 2013

Written, Rhymed, Produced, Mixed & Artwork by Hazey82 of WonderFlow



all rights reserved



WonderFlow is Keen & Hazey82. Two hip hop heads who strive to influence the art in a positive way, focusing on lyrical content and knowledge, combined with smooth production. Our goal is to be true to ourselves and help elevate hip hop to the next level. We make music for fun and for the love of the art. The best way you can support us is to enjoy our music and share it with others. Peace ... more

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