Summertime Vibes (Single)

by WonderFlow

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released July 2, 2013

All vocals by Keen & Hazey of WonderFlow
All production by Elyon Beats
Addition Saxophone by Grover on "Masks"
Addition vocals by etRNL on "Masks"

"Summertime Vibes"
Written by Keen & Hazey
Produced by Elyon Beats
Vocals mixed by Hazey

Written by Keen, Hazey & etRNL
Produced by Elyon Beats
Saxophone by Grover
Mixed and mastered by Elyon Beats

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WonderFlow is Keen & Hazey82. Two hip hop heads who strive to influence the art in a positive way, focusing on lyrical content and knowledge, combined with smooth production. Our goal is to be true to ourselves and help elevate hip hop to the next level. We make music for fun and for the love of the art. The best way you can support us is to enjoy our music and share it with others. Peace ... more

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Track Name: WonderFlow - Summertime Vibes (Prod. by Elyon Beats)

(Hazey - verse 1)

Summertime covers flying off my bed it's like an oven
but the sunshine blue skies fresh air I love it
see the thickest girls are missing clothes exposed they in bikinis
feeling lucky so I monkey around like Mr. Teeny

need a genie wishing this would never end, I'm greedy
late nights smoking good like the top of a teepee
take it easy in the mornings, afternoon is barbeques
kick it with the homies keep it tight like some army dudes

motorcycles waterguns white clean kicks,
convertibles skateboards ice cream drips,
quick to cop a trim rock a grin never stressed eat
good stop and swim drop and skim at the best beach

feeling blessed each, day I feel the suns rays
outdoors plants put out spores and I spun crates
of vinyl getting primal til the final light done fades
in summer yo it's WonderFlow we only just begun haze

(Keen - Verse 2)

summertime vibe could turn a rock to a hidden gem,
a grown man now but I'm feeling like a kid again,
all I need is sunlight, like Nas needs one mic,
crazy bout the lazy days that turn into the fun nights,

opposite of winter when I'm often with my pen,
but June July and August I throw caution to the wind,
just coughing with my friends, blowing clouds in the stratosphere,
laughing at the tourists that it brings but I'm glad it's here,

every year the baddest year, strive to make it better,
than the previous, mischievously scraping for the cheddar,
pinching pennies after many nights of overblowing budgets,
swear I'll never drink again but the next night I say f**k it,

kinda stuck with this overview, now every summer's overdue,
many wasted nights started off with a sober crew,
I hold it true, every 12 months I'll be pleased to find,
another summertime, I swear it's my peace of mind