The Painted Scroll

by Hazey82

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released November 11, 2014

All songs written, produced, recorded & mixed by Hazey82, except:
"The Painted Scroll Outro" produced by Elyon
"Shake Minds" written by Hazey82, Keen & Dayz
Cuts & Scratches by Hazey82
Artwork by Hazey82



all rights reserved



WonderFlow is Keen & Hazey82. Two hip hop heads who strive to influence the art in a positive way, focusing on lyrical content and knowledge, combined with smooth production. Our goal is to be true to ourselves and help elevate hip hop to the next level. We make music for fun and for the love of the art. The best way you can support us is to enjoy our music and share it with others. Peace ... more

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Track Name: Levitate

People call me Haze cuz I'm hard to see through,
styles outa this world like R2D2,
many wanna be the best but they far too weak to,
if you speak a lie long enough it starts to be true,
when I'm sparking trees dude I feel more relaxed,
chill, I keep it trill flipping stacks of wax
til I attack with a scratch or a rap do the math,
they so wack you need a vacuum to clean up they scraps,
I'm bringing facts not fiction, wary of restrictions, very
on point, my diction's scary got a mental dictionary,
a mission to the finish, listen clearly
spitting scripts that carry weight like a driven visionary,
it's a gift that's given rarely, peace of mind,
a world with no police and crime, your only thought is freezing time,
I've had a taste for beats and rhymes since fat was just obese in size,
I grab a mic and speak it live, know in the end at least I tried,
I reach inside deep into my soul and write
lyrics from the heart for the art, so when I hold a mic
I hold it right, I know the price, never throw a fight,
I'm old school Dolamite and beat the odds like rolling dice,
cold as ice but heatin up the instrumental,
others quick to stencil while I pencil with potential
in my temple where I meditate and devastate with microphones,
I like to roam, no master like a ronin, zone and write alone
often something awesome, flipping heads like coin tossing
some say my sounds underground like a coffin,
use precaution I'm imploring when exploring lands uncharted
so mysterious, experience it will expand an artist's
mind, go and find all the answers to the questions
that you ask, it's my message out to change your perception,
no objection so I slam the gavel, fists strong from hitting gravel,
sharpened skills a marksmen, all the wannabes I'm quick to baffle
Track Name: Capture The Essence

(Verse 1)
I seek the path of the Tao or the Buddha with laughter
in the mountains sipping chai tea with tai chi masters,
as I polish my craft I learn through hindsight after
I turn a page in life and I start a new chapter,
try and capture the essence I feel in my heart,
good and evil, need the light to escape from the dark,
motivation to succeed and create is the spark
that gets me started but the hardest part's translating it to art,
I walk the unpaved road steps adjacent
to those I never met that seek the same destination,
the problems we face are so old they next to ancient
so I take a deep breath guess the stress tests my patience,
far from famous, I keep a low pro,
move in slow mo through my ups and downs like a yoyo,
as time flows my mind grows I notice what's important,
now my life consists of righteousness a feeling that was dormant

so long to the stress always try to rise above
just to get it off my chest so I can do the things I love

(Verse 2)
often tree'd, never stumped, got the strength I'm well rooted,
branching out til I leave and my life is concluded,
if I'm gonna do it period that's it no excuses,
the first hand experience in life is my blueprint
and I use it mold my skill to bring the heat til it's scalding hot,
try it til I get it just right like goldilocks,
even if i'm coming off the top like a balding spot
my rhymes paint pictures for the kids I got a Caldecott,
never call the cops, they be the foulest kind,
we always point the 5-0 off track like a salad grind,
get ya hands dirty put in effort, I callused mine
cuz I hold my fate in my hands and try to balance time,
it's why I always took down my foes,
see me hold my head high but never look down my nose,
I suppose though I don't go and ask a lot of questions
try to learn from mistakes and I always count my blessings
Track Name: Can't Sleep

(Verse 1)
everyday time passes and our life progresses,
my obsession, as I lie awake and think about the present
wonder how it might effect the future, usually I question
all my actions, was it satisfaction within my possession?
it's the effort, always coulda tried harder
while I'm sleeping someone else is awake pushing further,
like a Harvard graduate who started out with nothing,
full of bad luck like a baker's dozen,
doesn't care he works hard getting scars as he toughens
up, he's coming up, he summons up the strength to make something
of himself with no help, now he's got a diploma
used sleep on the streets by a building now the owner
of it, hard work, never underestimate,
focus on your goals and don't be the one to hesitate
just demonstrate, someone's gotta be the best,
the mind and body need rest but all I'm thinking is success

(Verse 2)
anytime that I'm asleep I could miss an opportunity,
I strive to share knowledge like a teacher to a student, see
since puberty I grew to see respect in my community
for good, it shaped my heart like the leaf of the buddha tree,
it's proven we as people are more than capable,
but time spent idle, that is irreplaceable,
a sense of accomplishment the feeling is sensational
but unsustainable cuz my desire is insatiable,
I create with tools in my mind, I'm on the grind
day to day making payments on time, still I find
a chance to combine all my body soul and spirit
into art a design or a rhyme, peep my lyrics
those nearest to my heart they are the essence of my craft,
the words I sacrificed nights of sleep just to have,
to express that emotion at the moment that it hatched,
looking back in the past could I work harder than that?
Track Name: (Mis)Fortune

(Verse 1)
overslept, his alarm clock flashing, not again,
he depends on the beep to wake his sleep and attend
work on time, so he rushes to get ready out the door,
gotta walk cuz he just miss the bus, plus he's poor,
as he passed the corner store he looked to the ground
saw a wad of cash grabbed it up as he looked around,
there was a man with a brand new bike and he said,
a hundred bucks cash and it's yours for the bread,
so he heads down the street now making up time
on the bike, but right infront of him's a kid with a sign
that says stolen bike with a pic of what he riding,
he gives the kid the bike cuz there's honesty inside him,
all this made him late for work, he got fired on the spot,
feeling down, walking home when he got offered a job
as model, making much more paper than he made before,
right time right place? it's hard to really say for sure

only time tells what is good or bad luck,
what looks to be fortune can turn out to be a bust
and vice versa, quite certain that a part of it is destiny,
but presently all we can do is move along steadily

(Verse 2)
she was young 21, looking for a fresh start,
not so witty but was pretty and she had a kind heart,
at the bar met a guy and they hit it off splendid,
nine months they got a kid and a house, it's authentic,
now everything is great til the man gets tempted
by a temptress, so senseless, now his family's unattended,
back to living independent though now she has a son,
more bills than she can pay, working til her feet numb,
two jobs sold the house, far from wealthy,
no life day and night she works to keep her son healthy,
years pass til the day her son graduates from college,
same time she meets a man she loves who has an empty wallet,
but now the son's a doctor, prosperous and proud,
indebted bought his mom and her boyfriend a house,
this is where we at now, the rest is still pending,
cuz where the story ends depends on what's a happy ending
Track Name: Heart of an Artist

(Verse 1)
I watch others try to get ahead like a guillotine,
they not thrilling me making more tracks than a millipede,
I'm probably an oddity I'm only bout the quality,
I give you all a piece of my mind like a lobotomy,
honestly, this is free on my bandcamp
so download and peep my lip tricks like a hand plant,
I can't stand the industry they're simply the epitome
of artificial, pardon but I rep my art officially,
always adapting to inhabit any habitat,
it happens that my habits helped me escalade like Cadillacs,
from battle raps that baffled cats to alphabetic acrobat,
the aftermath my actions have is trippy like an acid tab,
I'm glad anytime somebody listens
to my music cuz it's proof that what I've written has a mission,
ride the rhythm with a vision dropping lyrics on production
from myself, with the help of every artist bringing substance

how can you sell love? love is an emotion,
when an artist sells his work does that mean he doesn't own it?
does it mean he doesn't love it if he gave it up for nothing?
no, an artist knows his heart is living on through all he touches

(Verse 2)
it's hazey 82 hope you show appreciation,
I come before my time like premature ejaculation,
captivating crowds with my sounds and dedication
hold it down and act amazing like the earth and gravitation,
not complacent never been, I look up to the veterans,
my daily regimen includes the melody my medicine,
it's evident embedded in the art that I'm creating
I'm crusading thru my brain and take to heart in what I'm saying,
I'm conveying hope your taking time to figure this out,
I got record grooves instead of fingerprints, now
I'm not a singer can't dance don't wanna be a star, though
I'm packing dope scratches beats and lyrics as my cargo,
this is my tomorrow always building off of yesterday,
a quest to save music from a lesser way, I guess I may
finesse the page, bless and pray for those who never stressing haze,
I just begun to shine like the moon in it's crescent phase
Track Name: Mike's Brother

(Verse 1)
When I was a kid I used to walk down the train tracks,
write my name and paint tags, throwing rocks to break glass,
it's where I met Mike and his brother, some strange cats,
they asked if I'm down to blaze grass and get my brain laxed,
for days that's all we did, burning like a candle,
me and Mike not his brother he had other shit to handle
he was older kinda colder had a burden on his shoulder,
pops left when he was young and his mother's bi-polar,
a soldier of peace never clutching the steel
kept his problems not a weapon tucked and concealed,
slanging herb was his only means of touching a meal
still he always seemed to find a way to cut me a deal,
the type to stand tall, knees don't wobble,
see he had to fill the shoes father figure roll model
to his little brother Mike, with his moms going crazy,
though I didn't know how far he'd go to guarantee their safety

(Verse 2)
years past I lost track of Mike and his brother, pity
we were cool still but I moved to another city,
now I work a ten to six, often though I reminisce,
without the emphasis some friendships tend to drift,
I lift thoughts of the past from my mind,
as I walk down the street someone talks from behind,
I hear a voice I recognize it calls out my name
it's the old homie John, see we all out the same
hood, we would roll Mike his brother me and John,
but he said Haze wait and he didn't look calm,
told me shit went wrong at Mike's with a burglar
tried to steal their stash, now they locked up for murder
heard a bum broke in the back door waving a gun
wanting drugs, and Mike's girl dialed nine one one
on the phone in her pocket, while he rummaged through boxes
obnoxious, when he demanded their wallets
Mike's brother came out the back with a bat swinging,
tie game bases loaded two outs the ninth inning,
knocked it out the stadium, bat to the cranium,
twenty five blows to the face and maybe some,
it's crazy son, the court was merciless,
it all was recorded by emergency services,
the evidence stacked against him was the reason
what he paid for protecting who he loved was his freedom
Track Name: Shake Minds [feat. Keen & Dayz]

the hip hop world it's full of rambling liars,
fake cats out stick you like brambles and briars,
try to leave you in shambles always gambling higher
but I handle all these animals my mandible's fire
hot spittin, not quittin, a well composed fighter
with a code, dropping flows known to explode geigers,
no radio, keen haze and dayz expose biters,
the truth is I ghost write for your ghostwriter,
most might of ran if they knew our capability
we skillfully possess, crowds stampede like wildebeests,
you feel the breeze building like a storm in the distance,
in an instant got you listening to lyrical ballistics,
I'm poisonous king cobra snake venom spittin
can't help from reminiscing over past premonitions,
I got the prescription for an elevated mind,
though I tried but you can't describe sight to the blind

(Hook) [HexOne Sample]
We shake they minds til we breakin they necks,
since they already blind now we making them deaf,
We shake they minds til we breakin they necks,
since they already blind now we making them deaf,
We shake they minds til we breakin they necks,
since they already blind now we making them deaf,
you don't wanna give me mines then we taking respect,
you get wrecked, never wasting time chasing a check

As I flow and I grow I grew an attitude,
an aptitude to show a few my ultimate gratitude,
Expanding release masterpiece after masterpiece,
Never cease to exist only proceed to increase,
flow indeed at least for the moment my component,
skills honed in I'm feeling all alone again,
I'm reminded I'm sliding third eye wide blinding,
sun rays some days wish I could change my ways,
above to the heavens I've gazed,
looking for a way out this maze cloud of purple haze,
brought out the best as I sought out the rest,
I feel I've been blessed to get this off my chest,
invest time in my craft next level I surpassed,
quality I amass man I thought you knew this,
Me and WonderFlow bring nothing but the truest,
that real music feeling high grooviness

(Hook) [HexOne Sample]
We shake they minds til we breakin they necks,
since they already blind now we making them deaf,
We shake they minds til we breakin they necks,
since they already blind now we making them deaf,
We shake they minds til we breakin they necks,
since they already blind now we making them deaf,
you don't wanna give me mines then we taking respect,
you get wrecked, never wasting time chasing a check

I got more unused bars than a bankrupt prison,
that just need a spark like the dank's done twisting,
they'll leave you jaw-dropped with a blank stunned vision,
cuz puttin cats to sleep is this tranq gun's mission,
drank tons of vintage wine aged to perfection,
soul and mind are intertwined saving recollection,
engraving my perspective with infinite imprints,
of intense concepts only the intricate invent,
or women sent from Heaven disguised as an angel,
I flow hot as the devil but shine bright as a halo,
You are not on my level so, get to know ya role,
Forever stranded on the bottom of the totem pole,
No room for improvement only gloom and delusion,
You can't go with the flow and presume its a movement,
Improve as a student and be deep with ya words,
Or In conclusion you're just another sheep in the herd.
Track Name: Know The Truth

(verse 1)
as I begin to explore through the depths of my mind
it's like a rocketship leaving the apocalypse behind,
no turning back focus on the best of the times
thinking positive, I'm jotting scripts and sketching my rhymes
on a sarcophagus or monolith, what you hear is compliments
of hazey 82, watch me demonstrate my competence,
accomplices inept except my man Keen,
our sounds move crowds like we causing stampedes,
and what this land needs is reexamination
of priorities, how far away's complete contamination,
we agree the planet's changing ever since the hands of ancients,
now it's exponential, check the mental state the brain is vacant
in a portion of the patients from absorbing radiation,
conforming to the blatant, making corporation payments
but we're more than just the basic, when we're born we must awaken
to the truth before it's taken, make ya dormant no mistaken

If we know ourselves then we know the truth,
try to seek the wealth yes but not the loot,
you refuse the help, well that's no excuse,
only time will tell, gotta show and prove

(Verse 2)
they smile to ya face but they sleeping in a bed of lies,
backstabbing, soon to be crack addicts, set aside
nothing future's slumping, only if they had instead applied
effort gained perspective then perfected it to get the prize,
and rise up above all the wack shit,
the fact is with practice your craft is adapted,
when your tactics are mastered on point like a cactus
your reaction's the fastest, stand out from the masses
they lack this, they focus on the wrong goals
if any, many petty plenty hopeless from the strong hold
of brainwashing techniques applied by the industry
consistently, they hope you never think differently,
I'm here to break the symmetry and travel down my own road
or street, watch for cheats they won't deplete me like the ozone,
as I grow old it's righteousness I represent,
when I'm gone my name stays like written in some wet cement
Track Name: Shinobi Tale

(verse 1)
I'm a ninja a wonderer a vagabond,
was waiting for my clan and they didn't correspond,
but since way before the moment when the mission went wrong
my life's had more twists than M Knight Shamalan,
I'm lookin towards the distance the signal would be smoke
though the enemy's below bamboo covered like a cloak,
I reach for my weapon bout to make a distraction
when all of a sudden I realized what had happened,
an ambush, ninjas hidden in every damn bush and tree,
it's time to flee, they've already spotted me
but how could they see through my camouflage, it's sabotage
there must've been a spy, second look to the sky
no smoke, I start to choke but now is not the time for that,
I'm pulling out shurikens like rabbits outa hats,
infact there's no need to hide now I'm jumpin out,
projectiles flying, no lying that my heart's racing,
on pressure points I focus, kill with no hesitation,
hasten from the ground cuz there's caltrops everywhere
so I jump from tree to tree attacking in the air,
as I see a mask I react with a katana slice
to the throat, hidden with bombs create smoke,
I know it's my fate to escape unscathed
and to find who's to blame, who's brought shame to my clan,
my empty hand to hand combat tactics
make opponents look like they've had no practice,
I attack with techniques handed down through generations,
focus energy I generate with concentration,
it's like slow motion I dive throwing knives,
fluid yet destructive like a storm in the ocean,
the commotion I caused mixed em up like a potion
so potent and ferocious now they battered and broken,
no motion left but I admire their devotion

(Verse 2)
my comrades have fallen I'm the last of my clan,
I don't know who it was but know the enemy's plan
cuz four of my brothers had a map of the land
tatooed on their back, they lying dead in the sand,
their skins peeled off and with all four together
it's obvious my enemy is searching for the treasure,
each piece of the map by itself is useless
but together give you power that be greater that zeus's,
want revenge for my brothers, showcase my talents
gonna kill their whole clan and protect the earth's balance,
a man that dreams of peace in a lifestyle of violence,
no time for that now I gotta make up some mileage,
through the trees at double speed I gotta take a shortcut,
I form a strategy to make the enemy abort, but
remembering the wisdom of the seniors in my family,
if all that fails man I gotta have a plan B

(Verse 3)
I made it to the temple with time to spare,
the breeze was gentle there was haze in the air,
it's just before dusk you can hear the cicatas,
my vision's of invaders getting mashed like potatoes,
behind the temple is the graveyard of lost souls,
post up in a tree, monks chanting across scrolls,
it's awful what I see some older tracking guides
lead the way with the crest of overlapping sai's,
the symbol of the enemy my clans worst rival
since a kid I was brought up to end their survival,
they haven't seen me yet and they're headed for my trap,
a few more paces and I start my attack,
first a smoke screen time released by their feet,
now I'm undercover jumping through the trees,
I'm sure I can defeat em', throwing shurikens, no worrying,
a flurry in the air got em scurrying and hurrying,
amongst the chaos I drop to the forest floor,
in another mindstate I reach my peak the purest form,
adrenaline rushing, under feet bone crushing,
swinging double swords, it's gore blood gushing,
as the smoke settles it's quiet and mellow
except for the groans of some near dead fellows,
quick scan the area, facts are revealed,
their leaders disappeared but the treasure's still sealed,
won't rest til their slain, reminded by the pain,
the death of my brothers will never be in vain,
the secret elixur I guard by any measure,
Hazey Eightytwo sole protector of the treasure
Track Name: The Painted Scroll Outro

life is tough but it could always be far worse,
gotta face the day chase the pain when ya heart hurts,
just take it one step at a time and think positive,
strive to be an optimist you'll see a boost in confidence,
i'm dropping this, a lot consists of first hand experience,
so try to take is serious cuz life is so mysterious
from capitals to periods and all that's in between,
my sentences are messages of what I know and seen,
the emphasis is righteousness, a life consists of both,
we gotta put in effort but the fight can give us hope,
soul seeking on a mission just to love the life we living,
not a hostage of illogic, got the gold that doesn't glisten,
so escape from the prison in the cells of your brain
your not alone when it's time to build your health and your strength,
need help with the pain? others dealt with the same,
share the wealth not the riches you can melt with a flame,
we all have our good days and bad, the truth is
they never made a blueprint to show you the way through this,
excuses are useless your actions seek elevation,
through out the test of time you need hella patience,
so I'm waiting for my chance to grab it,
everyone's potentially a king or an abbot,
life can be sporadic take it slow like traffic,
in short be like airports and loose the extra baggage,
just to break the habit, exercise or find a pen,
writing thoughts the price and cost is nothing but the mind's a gem,
don't keep it all confined within, when time's are grim confide in friends,
despite the rain and clouds and sin just know the sun will shine again